środa, 14 kwietnia 2010

Bauer War ciąg dalszy

Akcja z Bauerem zatacza dość szerokie kręgi, a cała sprawa jest już nie tylko komentowana przez rozmaite serwisy internetowe, ale fotografów mających swoje konta na serwisach społecznościowych. Wszystkie informacje, na bieżąco, można sledzić na serwisie Twitter.

Pozwolę sobie zacytować chyba cytat najlepiej oddający powagę całej sytuacji:

"Attempted rights grabs like Bauer's are far more than an assault on a specific group of music writers and photographers - they undermine the viability of freelance journalism as a whole. Freelances bear a significant proportion of the risk in most media businesses because, behind their commission-by-commission availability, they pay for their own equipment, office space and training. Without any of the statutory sickness, holiday, maternity and paternity pay rights of staff, the only asset their work produces is their stock-in-trade: copyright ownership, as acknowledged by UK law. Will Bauer's magazines sell more copies if they push these contracts through, so losing the services of many of their most expert, reliable and popular contributors? Will musicians and other showbusiness talent stand idly by and see their quotes and photographic likenesses commoditized and put on sale by a publishing company? In business terms, it doesn't make sense."

Cytat pochodzi z artykułu na Rock Archive.

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